Weapons of Halo 3

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I've seen a lot of horrible ideas for Halo 3 weapons so I'll make mine brief: the Charge Carbine. Basically, it is an assault rifle-like weapon where the longer you charge up the weapon, the more damage is inflicted. But there's a catch. Let's say you simply tap the fire button. In that case, a weak, H2 pistol-like shot will be delivered. But if you hold it down past a certain time limit, like, I don't know, maybe 5 seconds, then the weapon overheats (you lose the ammo without hurting anything) and you have to try again. Therefore, for maximum power, you have to time the release to the point right before the weapon is forced to discharge the plasma, resulting in a shot at perhaps the stopping power of a H2 shotgun blast at very close range/almost melee. This way, cheap players won't race to the CC and run around with the fire button held down ready to release a lethal beam at a moment's notice.

^I figured that would be better than some ideas I've seen in other forums like, "ZOMG LETS HAV A BFG TAHT PWNS EVRYTHNG WHEN U SHOOT IT ROFL"
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