What if? Age of Empires 4

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What if? Age of Empires 4

Post by Rex-Jay »

I've always wanted to see an Age of Empires 4, but as the progress on such a game is speculative at best, I've grown restless and have started brainstorming ideas.

I would divide the single-player mode into five separate campaigns plus a bonus alternate history campaign. These would be based off of...

Crimean War (you play as the British, alongside the French and Ottomans, delivering force upon the Tsar for refusing the Four Points)
Italo-Ethiopian War (you play as the Ethiopians fighting off the Italians)
Spanish Civil War (you play as the Spanish Republicans in battle against the Francoists)
Yom Kippur War (you play as the Israelis against Egypt and forces of numerous other nearby countries)
Gulf War (you play as the Coalition against Iraq)
Alt History Bonus - Operation: Unthinkable (you play as the Soviet Union retaliating against the UK's invasion of Russia while WW2 was still happening; this operation was something Churchill actually considered enacting!)

I wanted to stay away from the world wars* because I felt that there were so many other less-visited, and thus potentially new and interesting to play in for RTS purposes, conflicts of the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Don't ask me about the teching system for multiplayer or singleplayer. I haven't a clue how it might work!

Any ideas would be great.

*I guess Operation: Unthinkable would be part of World War Two......point five.....or something. But my point is that I don't want any campaigns dealing directly with the REAL world wars. Spanish Civil War doesn't count either, though it comes mighty close.
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