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Are you new to the Jurassic Park database? Have you recently registered and your still validating your account? If so, start your first topic here! Feel free to introduce yourself to the existing members of the Jurassic Park database.

06 Mar 2007, 06:43

Q from Jon: Have you recently registered on the Jurassic Park database forum?
A: Yes, I have recently registered. In other words, I’m new!

Well then, welcome to the Jurassic Park database! My name is Jon and I’ve been the owner of the Jurassic Park database since July 17, 2000. We have a wonderful and caring staff that I’ve worked with personally over many years. We are a close-nit family who are always looking out for each other as well as for the members of the forum. We stride to make sure everything works right on here, so if you need to contact us you can do so by sending anyone of us an email on our staff page located on

Q from user: I’ve registered my account, but how do I validate my account?
A: We have a two step validation process on the JPdb forum. Here is some information that might be of some use to you:

Let me just fill you in on how the registration process on the forum works over here. I’ll try my best to make this as simple as I can because I know it can get overwhelming at times. The Jurassic Park database forum has a two step registration process to reduce the amount of “spam bots” registering on forum.

In step 1, everyone who registered with a valid email address is sent an “activation” email, where you manually verify your account. Step 2 in the activation process is where an administrator from the forum verifies your account after you’ve created it. It might take a day or two, so here are a few tips on how you can speed up your administrator verification process:

Note 1: If you have not received an activation email please check your “bulk” or “junk” mail-box. The activation email might have been incorrectly labeled as junk by your email provider.

Note 2: If you have not received an activation email at all, you can send an email to requesting account verification. Your account will be manually verified skipping the two steps listed above.

For security reasons after you have completed step 1 of the verification process, you are allowed to post in this forum only. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the local members of the forum. Most of them are nice humble people who love Jurassic Park & dinosaurs just as much as you do.

After you’ve made 1 post here, or preferably many, an admin will likely see your post and then precede to verify your account so you can become a “baby dinosaur!” A baby dinosaur is the group you will belong to for the time being. They are basically feeble little things that have just hatched from an egg. As you would suspect baby dinosaurs cannot do much and need much looking after. Most of the features on this forum, such as Personal Messaging (PM) and emailing members have been disabled. Once you make enough posts you grow up into a more sophisticated dinosaur the messaging features such as Personal Messaging and emailing members have been enabled free of charge!

I encourage everyone to stick around this forum and make it grow into a wonderful and prosperous place! I hope you enjoy your stay here at the JPdb.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact
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