Hi I’m new to this forum
Are you new to the Jurassic Park database? Have you recently registered and your still validating your account? If so, start your first topic here! Feel free to introduce yourself to the existing members of the Jurassic Park database.

14 Jan 2010, 12:36

Hello, I just became a part of this community here and I would like to be a member of it. Just like the environment here. Excellent job by the mods and each member around.

I appreciate the quality of messages provided by everyone and expect I can do that for you all too.
Hope to visit here often.

14 Jan 2010, 13:38

Hello and welcome to the Jurassic Park database. The only forum where the geese chase you! You may register for an account by clicking the big "register" button. Fill out a username, password, email address and answer the security question. After registering it will grant you access to all the features offered on the forum, including the chance to create a @jpdatabase.com email address for personal use. :o
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