Would you go?
Could Jurassic Park ever really happen? How much of what you saw in Jurassic Park can be considered real? Discuss all of that and more here...

26 Mar 2005, 12:40

I wouldn't know if I would go see the dinos. Partly because I would be afraid of them getting out and eating me.

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an egg
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26 Mar 2005, 17:35

lol, I wouldn't mind getting a bit taken out from a baby Raptor or Rex. It would be the coolest scar ever.
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a hatchling
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26 Mar 2005, 22:24

I'd be one of the first people at the gate.
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27 Mar 2005, 02:05

I would probably also be at the front of the gate waiting for it to open. hehe. Unless its VERY expensive which I would assume it would be.

27 Mar 2005, 09:46

i would certainly go because its a privilage to be see these amazing creatures live.i will certainly go. rolleyes.gif
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a hunter
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15 Apr 2005, 20:36

Well, I dont know. Lets look at this logicly. I would be there, but I dont really want to get eaten. I want it to be tested before I risk life and limb.
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an egg
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16 Apr 2005, 16:35

There is the risk to be eaten by the dinosaur (if the scientists not protect the public rolleyes.gif ), but I probably go there, because cloned animals have genetically problems and die in a young age, so for a dinosaur, that's the same thing!
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a hunter
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16 Apr 2005, 19:37

I would go. And take a bunch of people I don't like and let them get eaten.
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a hunter
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20 Apr 2005, 17:30

True, true...
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an egg
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17 May 2005, 01:56

Well, I'm seriosuly a Jurassic PArk nut, and have been since I saw the movie when I was 4... Anyway,
I would love to go and have a look at the 'Park', BUT only if the Park was highly safe and had very good security... *lol*
Though, assuming the park was safe, then I would love to go and 'study' these amazing creatures...

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