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29 May 2005, 16:50

How would you want to want to die in Jurassic Park? Raptor pounce? T-rex stomp? Being impaled by a Triceratops?

I personally would want to leave Jurassic Park's world through a quick and easy Rex stomp.
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a wonderer
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29 May 2005, 17:15

Rex would definetly be easiest, say a chop off of the head.
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db 2nd generation
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30 May 2005, 01:16

Hmm, I'd say that the worse one would be the Raptor...
Ugh... Horrible! blink.gif
I mean :
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But... I think I'd like to die with a simple stomp or head ripped off from a Rex...
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the extinct
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30 May 2005, 02:41

Something quick enough to not feel the pain, such as a broken neck or lost head from a T. rex or being stomped by any of the large dinosaurs (as long as it was big enough to kill me instantly).
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30 May 2005, 15:52

Muldoon sends a rocket at me.
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the extinct
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31 May 2005, 00:49

Hey! Good idea!

wonder if anyone would like to die from a raptor...
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the extinct
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31 May 2005, 08:27

i don't want to get killed in jurassic park.i want to come back alive like alan grant
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a hunter
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01 Jun 2005, 00:06

And what if you DID die in JP...?
HOw would you like to die...?
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the extinct
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