Jurassic Park Rides
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22 Feb 2004, 19:38

I use to live in Orlando and have maps to all the parks, here is the listing for the Jurassic Park rides at IoA...

Scan fossilized skeletons, examine dinosaur eggs, view velociraptors hatching, play mind boggling games and more in this hands-on educational interactive area.
Personal Rating: ** (The raptor hatching is really cool, rest kind of boring.)

Take a walking tour of dinosaur feeding and weighing stations, and enjoy a fascinating look at a dinosaur veterinarian at work.
Personal Rating: *** (Very realistic, wait long enough and it actually pisses!)

Enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats, but...
WATCH OUT, a hungry T-Rex might be loose!
Personal Rating: ***** (Fun riding it, even better watching Chinese people ride it.)

Explore amber mines, climb dinosaur nets and more in this prehistoric playground.
Personal Rating: ****
(From outside it looks like it's for little kids, but it's actually really cool.)

Soar through the air and get a Pteranodon's-eye view of Camp Jurassic.
[Let won't let you ride unless your between 36 to 56 inches tall or accompanied by a child this height.]
Personal Rating: ** (Find a little kid and jump on, wait lines too long though)
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22 Feb 2004, 19:53

The discovery center actually sounds intresting.. Only because I could see Baby Veloci's hatch. That and I love puzzles. smile.gif

I wanted to ride the River Adventure, until I found out how high the drop-off was.. x.x;;;;
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22 Feb 2004, 20:41

The drop off isn't bad at all. It's not any worse than Splash Mountain at Disney. Because your inside which is really cool. And because you drop so fast you don't really feel it as much. It's really worth it, so next time go for it.
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