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The rumor was that Triceratops Encounter was going to stay closed forever, well today I got the news that in fact the decision was made and that the attraction will never reopen. The speculation as to what will happen with that area is that the 3 Triceratops "Cera" "Topper" & "Chris" will all be moved to the River Adventure in that vacant area to the right side of the Ultrasaur Lagoon at the start of the ride. That however is only speculation at this time. That huge chunk of land where Triceratops Encounter is will probably make way for some sort of attraction in the future but for now all that is known for sure is that Triceratops Encounter has permanently closed and no talks have taken place to discuss its future. There were talks in Universal Creative last year to add a GIGA Coaster into that area and stretch it back to the lagoon like they partially have The Hulk Coaster. However I was told that they scrubbed that idea. Triceratops Encounter will continue to live on at the Discovery Center with the Baby Trike.

If you want to see pictures of this attraction visit the link below


If you want to see video of this attraction visit the link below


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