Levels overstuffed with guns?
Heard about the new ideas being put on the table for Tresspasser lately.. discuss them here as well as all the old ideas.

07 Jul 2006, 18:29

Hey. Recently I dusted off my Trespasser CD and started playing again. I just got to the midway point of Level 5, and I noticed something. It took me days (in total) to finish level 4..why? because I had about 20 guns on me, all fully loaded, and Anne can only stow 2. By the time I left the town, I had to keep picking every single one up and throw them ahead one by one. Finally I finished today, and now I'm in the same predicament.

It's really no problem for me, I mean, I don't mind it(except for when I'm trying to sneak around a large carnivore), but it's gotten to the point where it's just ridiculous. How ridiculous? WELL, you know that T-Rex by the docks? I killed it. This was without cheats...just a ****load of guns. Yet, I still had quite an arsenal leftover. (The only reason I went for it was because she trapped me in Warehouse B and I got kind of angry.)

I started with that AK-47 with expanded magazine, and when I finished the clip, I noticed the Rex was limping. That always signified to me that the dinosaur was at half health. WELL, after 3 Belle shotguns, a submachine gun, a hunting rifle, 2 shotguns(not sure which) and a regular AK-47, the Rex fell to the ground dead. The interesting part was that afterwards, I wound up with about 15 guns left.

I'm thinking this can be either A) it's just Levels 4 and 5 that are insanely overstuffed, or B ) they purposely overstuffed the levels in case novices have bad aim.

So what do you think? To me it looks like the only level that wasn't overstuffed so far was level 3.
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08 Jul 2006, 18:30

Some of the levels have alot of weapons, others very little. Take Ascent2 where you
start off with no weapons and raptors chasin' your butt almost immediately. The sum-
mit is another level where I never felt that I had enough firepower readily available. I
liked those moments though, trick or bump the raptors off the ridges. I can't even re-
member how many hours I spent screwing with the lab rex. Man, he'd get really p'od
at you running from warehouse to warehouse. Gotta kick outa that --

08 Jul 2006, 19:33

I see what you're saying. I just played Level 6, and it's a really big contrast to Level 5. It looks like Levels 1-3 have more than you need, 4 and 5 have an excessive amount of guns(especially 4 and 5), while in 6-8 they start to cut down to just what you need and no more.
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11 Jul 2006, 20:23

I imagine the designers tried to raise the difficulty level of the game as you progressed
towards its end. I still think it was a good game and the fan levels are nice too, but I'd
really wish EAGames would revisit trespasser, redo it with today's technology and hard-
ware. It deserves a second chance.

11 Jul 2006, 20:35

That's what I thought the first time I played it. In level 8 this time it got to the point where I had three raptors after me, and no weapons left. I was just surprised this time by how many guns there were in levels 4 and 5. It was ridiculous.

I agree. I was reading about what the game was supposed to be like, and it sounded like such an great game. I mean, it was just supposed to be one big island(no levels), Anne was supposed to have two arms, you could stow more than two weapons(I think), and the dinosaurs were supposed to actually have those different moods they talk about in the guide. The environment was also supposed to be much more realistic(physics, etc.) but the technology at the time wasn't good enough for it yet.

I also think it's a great game the way it is, but if it were updated to what it was supposed to be, (plus today's upgrades) it would be fantastic.

You're right. It didn't get what it deserved the first time around.
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17 May 2008, 12:20

It'd be nice if someone made a full mod on a different engine for this game. Bring back Trespasser.
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