Williams to Return for JPIV?
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18 May 2008, 19:52

According to today’s Boston Globe, John Williams will be returning to contribute to the score for Jurassic Park IV. Says the article:

"Williams, now 76, was conductor of the Pops from 1980 to 1993. According to industry reports, he remains a busy man, with soundtracks for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” “Jurassic Park IV,” and “Superman: Man of Steel” all scheduled for his touch."

No word yet on whether the film maestro will be writing new music or merely contributing themes, as he did for Jurassic Park III. This is an exciting piece of information, should it prove true. Not only does it mean Jurassic Park IV is still on track, but those worried about production value should rest easier knowing Williams will be involved somehow.

As an added sidenote: I have very little faith in "industry reports," especially since the next Harry Potter has been confirmed to be scored by Nicholas Hooper, who also did Order of the Phoenix. My guess is they're just listing movies that will included his themes. But hey, if that means JPIV is still greenlit, I'm fine with it.
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