Matchbox "The Lost World" Action System (1997)
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07 Nov 2005, 13:12

I'm offering the entire Matchbox Jurassic Park "The Lost World" Action System collection, mint in unopened boxes, the boxes also being in mint condition. This is the diecast collection brought out by Matchbox with the movie in 1997.

This collection was kept behind glass, in a dust-free and dry environment. All pieces are in excellent condition, and have not been touched since aquirement.

All pieces featured in this collection are:
- Skip Truck Tracker/Trapper with Ian Malcolm and Baby T-Rex
- Rescue Truck Tracker with Nick Van Owen and Baby Stegasaurus
- Chopper Tracker with Eddie Carr and Parasaurolophus
- Humvee Tracker with Roland Tembo and Velociraptor
- 4X4 Tracker with Eddie Carr and Pachycephalosaurus
- Hook Truck Tracker with Dieter Stark and Velociraptor
- Rage Rig with Dieter Stark and T-Rex, Baby T-Rex, and Parasaurolophus
- Fuel Depot with Headbutting Pachos, breakaway walls, and Humvee
- Garage with Mercedes AAV, Site B Trapper/Trailer, and 2 attacking Raptors

Here are some pictures of the collection:

Since it is very difficult to put a price on this collection, make me an offer I can't resist. I am from Belgium, and ship to every location. The entire collection is unique in the way that it is complete, and everything (including the boxes) are mint, so it gets sold as a whole, not in pieces.

I would be glad to answer all your question on my email adress (, are with PM.

05 Aug 2006, 18:37

Have you sold them yet?
If not, what kind of price are you thinking?

21 Aug 2006, 17:59

Sold. Lock please.
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