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16 Sep 2006, 07:21

Hello to all. I am Segisaurus, founder of Jurassic Park Archive.
Visit our site, containing all the information you could ever want.

Or at least it will do when it's finished. Large parts of the website are still under construction and will take a considerable amount of time to complete. But, the parts that are complete are quite useful, including concept art, movie posters, dinosaur sound files, a large image gallery and much much more. Created in early 2004 we have made a quiet existence for years, for most of that time I operated by myself, but now I have a team of staff made up of admins, moderators and news reporters.

By the way, we are also looking for more staff members. Currently we need one more good admin, at least one person with knowledge of HTML coding and some content researchers. I must say, if you have no experience in this work then I would advise you not to join, Im serious about this work. Anybody? If you're interested then post up a reply!

I plead that you also join our forums, which are currently quite low on members. Links are provided below. Please post your comments and we hope to see you at JPArchive. smile.gif

Website Click Here

Forum: Click Here
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an egg
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09 Dec 2006, 02:12

That's a pretty neat site you have there. Keep up the good work. smile.gif

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a hatchling
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11 Dec 2006, 22:47

Yup, it's HAMtastic!

I mean fantastic wink.gif
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