JPOS Jurassic Park Operating System

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JPOS Jurassic Park Operating System

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How many times you would have liked "work" for InGen ?

Started the explorer tour and check if the fences are okay?
Take part of DNA Strand reconstruction to rebirth this prehistoric legends?
All of that will be possible!


JPOS Jurassic Park Operating System

Fully interactive, JPOS offers a private and customizable space with all tools you’ll need.
Chat, intramail, mp3 player, console etc…
Based entirely on the computer system of the movie with some upgrades of today.

Don’t hesitate to try it and relive moments when Isla Nublar was a secured island.

Join today this great family that InGen is.

The principle:

This is an Economic-daily based online game.
Each operator will be responsible about his virtual gene in his own sequencer.
At midnight (Costa-Rica), each operator will receive automatically new computer-time-points, but this new points will be saved only if the operator connects during the day.

More points = more computing time = more code.

A new DNA strand starts "empty", so you have to spend your computing time earned each day in your sequencer or send it to the databank of your team.
After, the extracted DNA will be used with virtual gene devices to fill in the holes and complete the code.


And now, we can make a baby dinosaur.

The group supervisor will be charged to make it.
If the baby dinosaur survives, after few weeks, he will be imported in the island.
The park can welcome up two hundred animals. The points can also be used to feed the dinosaurs every two weeks or refuel with diesel the secondary power system.
The main power is generated by a geothermal station but the energy supplied is not enough for all park facilities.

If you are interested :We need a new flash dev.

On behalf of the future opening of the system, JPOS's Team launches a competition.

The rules are simple:
1 - Join the Facebook group JPOS.
2 - Leave a photo of your computer screen stylized Jurassic Park or even with the website JPOS.

The contest ends the first september at midnight (Costa Rica).

Up for grabs: a black mug with the yellow Jurassic Park logo and another yellow JPOS mug to be won.
The team will choose the picture that will be liked the most! So, to you to be creative!
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