The Storytelling Made Announcement

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The Storytelling Made Announcement

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The users timeline will suffer interruptions, unwanted publications by him, but that are aimed at satisfying his needs, being part of the public. We'll see how it all evolves. [tweet "Ads on instagram, for all brands at the end of 2015"] types of instagram ads we will see carousel ads gather several photos in the same format. . For example, how much is the history of an event, such as the zaragoza web congress last weekend.

From its preparations the speakers the place chosen to hold the congress, the 'back room' of the event, etc. Now it depends on your imagination. A new way for brands Special Marketing Database to tell stories on instagram from instagram on vimeo . [tweet «get to know the advertising formats on instagram ads with click buttons the calls to action work. They do it on landing pages , on twitter cards, on facebook ads, and they will also do it soon on pinterest and instagram.

For this the button must be integrated into the image, instagram style, close, human, friendly. That does not clash. It's time to invite the purchase from the application itself. Click button instagram ads create your own campaign of course, the visual component will be essential to attract the user's attention . Attractive, striking images that generate emotions and desires, that make the imagination fly and that are 'shareable', will be what all brands pursue. There are many photos, yes, but good, good less sponsored levis instagram ads adidas instagram ads.
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