Discover the 8 Best Types of WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress

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Discover the 8 Best Types of WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress

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With the help of a WhatsApp plugin for WordPress it is possible to maintain a closer contact with your customers or allow the public to share content with their contacts to organically pass on news or articles. As a website owner, you also want to offer the best support to your customers, to ensure a good experience when contacting your brand . However, an FAQ section or an email support contact form does not meet urgent demands. Instant service can be a company's great differential . This is because the feature is decisive to minimize the site's abandonment rate, since consumers tend to be more and more immediate.

If you are a WordPress user you can find many WhatsApp plugins to link a chat or video call button on your website. In this article, we will discuss the functionalities of Consumer Email List some of these types of WhatsApp WordPress plugins. 1. Cresta Help Chat whatsapp wordpress plugin The Cresta Help Chat plugin connects the website owner to its audience via WhatsApp, since whenever a user sends a message via chat, it is received directly in the private application configured in the tool.


The solution is available in both free and premium versions and like any other tool with both subscription possibilities, the premium version has more features and the possibility of customization — the addition of a WhatsApp widget with an animated GIF, for example. Button customization is a feature of the premium version, which has three different styles for the user to choose from. In addition, it makes it possible to change the colors of the title, background, icons and buttons, which is not possible in the free version. However, in both versions it is possible to position the chat button in the way that best suits the user and the solution is compatible with mobile devices and computers.
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